The smart heat pump

Creative direction
Art direction

”The NIBE S-series heat pumps lasts for years due to its smart functions and constant connectivity. They adapt to the conditions of the house and your needs, wherever you are in life.” This is the promise that NIBE wanted our campaign to convey. We wanted to show the potential customer that if you invest in a NIBE S-series it is in it for the long run. The heat pump is something that will be a natural part of your home for up to 15–20 years – so we decided to show what that looks like in one individual’s life.


Creating awareness

The purpose of these assets was to drive brand awareness and to be inspirational, aiming to spark an interest in the desired audiences of house owners in ages 25–55.  Adapting the material for optimal use for each placement with social media cuts, display ads and InStream to name a few.


Supporting the decision

Targeted at people who had shown interest by interacting with a See asset or based on retargeting from the campaign page, these assets were more product oriented and highlighted different features of the S-Series. Their purpose was to increase interest in the products on a more detailed level, in order to support their decision in choosing a NIBE pump and not a competitors’s who lack these functions.


Nudging to convert

These assets aim to nudge people who already have an established interest in the products to take the final step and contact a local installer. The targeting for these ads were the most narrow, aimed at audiences that have interacted with in-depth product content or started the “contact installer” guide on the NIBE website without completing it.