Project Description

XL-S – Kan jag, kan du!

XL-S is a brand of fat binders made from organic plant sources that in combination with physical activity and a nutritious diet helps you to achieve your goal weight. The main challenge for XL-S in Sweden is that a ”weight loss helper” in form of a pill or powder is almost considered a taboo product and is frowned upon. Weight loss should be achieved just by physical activity and diet, no pills! But some people need that extra motivational push in form of a helper that makes you see results faster, and that’s when XL-S comes in.

To clearly establish that you can’t loose weight in a healthy way with just XL-S without physical activity and a nutritious diet, we teamed up with a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Emanuel to boost and give handy tips to their followers on Facebook on how to reach their goal weight. The result was a series of films that showed healthy recipes, gym exercises and motivational talks to guide the followers through their journey. If Emanuel can, they can.