Project Description

– The Intelligent Horse Monitor

What happens in the stall when you’re not there? Videquus is a first of it’s kind in the equestrian world, so much more than a regular surveillance camera – it has a mind of its own. The camera is mounted in the stable stall to monitor one of your horses and it starts getting to know your horse, especially its motion patterns. When something out of the ordinary happens, it signals to your smartphone app that something’s not right and you can contact a veterinarian. It also makes it possible to save the recorded data.

Videquus needed a film for social media and conventions that first of all explained what the new technology is and why you need it in your stall. In addition to explain what the technology is and how it works, another objective was to convey in words and images how vulnerable your horse is everytime you leave the stable and by that convince the potential buyer to make the purchase. The film has been recieved well in the equestrian industry and sales are going up thanks to people now understanding why they need this technology that up until a few months ago didn’t even exist.